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Butterfly meadows

Butterfly meadows

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10 Pack 

This notpaper™ towel print transports you to a serene, sun-kissed meadow, filled with enchanting butterflies. If you love butterflies and botanicals, this is the print for you. 
  • Reduce waste
    One 10 pack of our eco friendly cloth paper towels replace 80+ rolls of disposable paper towels.

  • Multipurpose to the max
    The sky is the limit with how you use these sustainable cuties. Pop them in your bathroom as guest hand towels, use them as napkins, cleaning cloths, or tissues.

  • Compostable
    Made from 100% cotton flannel. Cotton is a natural fibre so it will eventually breakdown, leaving nothing behind. 

  • Super soft and absorbent 
    Our fabric is double brushed on both sides, which creates more surface area to absorb liquid while making the towel buttery soft. 

  • We made them extra large 
    13" x 10" because no one likes shrinkage. 

  • Machine wash and dry 
    Wash on cold or warm with the rest of your laundry then toss them in the drier. They will shrink a bit in the drier, but that's why we made them extra large

  • Makes a great eco friendly gift
    Comes in super cute recyclable box. No wrapping needed!
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