How to roll notpaper™ towels 

We all love the idea of having our notpaper™ towels sitting on the countertop, perfectly rolled up on a paper towel holder....but is it hard to do? Surprisingly, it's quite easy! Plus, having your reusable paper towels at arms reach makes it that much easier to reduce disposable paper towel use! Watch our how to video or read the steps below!

Step 1

Stack up your notpaper™ towels with the print side down and place the cardboard tube or paper towel dowel at the bottom of the longest side.

Step 2

Start rolling each reusable paper towel until they're all rolled up. Note: They're made from cotton flannel which helps them stick together on the roll. 

Step 3

Pop them on your paper towel holder and use just as you would disposable paper towels, napkins, and more!